Patriotic United States
Patriotic Michigan
  • PRODUCT FINISH - This sign is finished with an epoxy resin coating, which is a high-gloss, hard, and durable finish.
  • EACH FLAG IS UNIQUE - All signs are individually handcrafted and may vary in appearance. Each sign starts as a block of wood that is milled on a CNC machine to the specifications you choose. We then fill in the sign with colored epoxy. Each piece is finished with a clear epoxy flood coat. The result is a singular work of art for your home.
  • DIMENSIONS - Choose from a 15" x 8" sign or a 30" x 15.75" sign.
  • CUSTOMIZED - If you would like to customize your sign, a range of options, such as a photo or personalized lettering, are available.
  • QUESTIONS - Please contact us if you have any questions or for more information about our products.


About Our Patriotic United States Sign

Rich in detail, style, and American spirit, this Patriotic US Flag Wall Art is one of the most unique styles we offer and is a true customer favorite. Each sign features a carefully crafted outline of the United States filled in with individually carved stars and stripes. Each stripe and the blue union section of the flag is filled in with colored resin. The top of the sign is captioned "The United States of America" while an elegant compass rose adorns the lower left corner. The wood surrounding the US is lightly burned to bring out the woodgrain and the colors of the flag. It also adds a nice rustic touch. Modern with a touch of vintage, this American flag wall art is a must-have for your home or cabin.

All our wooden American flags and signs are made right here in our workshop in Holly, Michigan. After we cut each piece, we prepare the wood by smoothing out any rough patches leftover from sanding. We then remove any remaining traces of dust or debris. We next carefully add the colors before drying the resin with a hand torch that we also use to burn the wood. It's a time-consuming process, which is why we ask that you give us up to two weeks for your sign to be completed. These are custom works of art, and each American flag made of wood we create is unique. If you need your sign sooner than two weeks, please let us know. Available in multiple sizes and with additional customization options.

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Our Promise

Each flag is carefully handmade. We take pride in the quality of our work, using premium woods, stains and finishes.


We price our flags so that patriotic Americans can display one of our pieces at a reasonable cost.


Our flags are built to last so they can be hung indoors or outdoors. Outdoor flags should be protected from rain and prolonged direct sunlight.